Justmoh Mining Services

Justmoh Mining Services Limited (the “Company” or “JMS”) is a leading provider of contract mining services, earth works services and heavy mining equipment rental. The JMS Team has over 10 years experience in the mining and road sectors and is recognised as a reputable and reliable provider of mining and road construction services across West Africa.

Justmoh Mining Services Limited is a sister company to Justmoh Construction Limited (the “company” “JCL”) which was incorporated in 29th July 2004 and commenced business on the same date. JCL has over 10 years experience in road construction including major highway and feeder/urban roads.

Contract Services

Contract Services

The Company’s target clients for contract services include mining companies, oil and gas companies, quarries, construction companies and other projects requiring heavy earth moving vehicles.

Mining Consultancy Services

Mining Consultancy Services

Justmoh Mining Services Team has over 10 years experience in mining including mine set-up, blasting, load-and-haul and drilling. The Company provides advisory services to mining companies to enable them to improve their operations and optimise their returns.

Incorporated in Ghana

4th February 2011

Business commenced Date

7th February 2011

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